Reports 2012

Emerging markets report: high growth economies
This is the third iteration of the report, first created in 2008 and then in 2010. It includes the updated Emerging markets opportunity index which looks specifically at markets with the best investment opportunities based on GDP, growth, population and trade, a special focus on international expansion and summaries of the 15 IBR participant economies.

Economy focus: the ASEAN region
This report looks at the economic outlook for one of the fastest growing and most dynamic regions in the world – Southeast Asia – drawing on economic data from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and business sentiment data from the Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR).

It also uncovers business views on further regional economic integration in the form of the AEASN economic community (AEC).


Greener fleets: businesses consider alternative fuel vehicles
With the price of Brent Crude oil still well above US$100 per barrel, businesses are looking at alternative fuel vehicles to help them manage costs.

The report finds that around one in four business leaders have introduced, or are considering introducing, alternative fuel vehicles. And that the majority are doing so in an attempt to mitigate the price of oil.

Cross-border M&A: building momentum
Despite the on-going global economic challenges, dynamic businesses have retained last year’s renewed appetite for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity.

The market revival in M&A interest, that emerged in last year’s survey, is still in evidence and is an indication that many corporates, who have successfully plotted their way through the global downturn, are now seeking to invest the cash resources built up over a period of limited M&A activity.

Capturing opportunity: Cleantech business booms around the world
The global cleantech sector has emerged as viable, thriving and future-oriented. Whereas once activity in the sector was fuelled by startup companies emerging with marketable ideas, products and services, today a vast array of industrialists, service organisations and utilities see the enormous opportunity in the sector and want a piece of this rapidly expanding market.

The report reveals that businesses in the cleantech sector are among the most confident enterprises in the world when it comes to future prosperity, far outpacing the optimism found in most global industries – and with good reason.

The future of Europe: clouded by uncertainty
Since its foundation in 1951, the EU has grown both in membership, and in economic and political influence to become the largest single market in the world.

However, cracks started to appear in the 'European project' in 2010, driven by the sovereign debt crisis. In 2011, these cracks have widened, clouding the future of Europe in uncertainty. This report looks at the situation in Europe (and the future of the single currency) from the perspective of businesses within the eurozone, those in the EU but outside of the single currency, and neighbouring countries outside of the EU.

Women in senior management: still not enough
The past 12 months have seen women take the lead in some of the toughest economic and political environments, and they also head governments in countries such as Argentina, Australia, Brazil and Thailand.

However, the IBR 2012 survey shows that just 21% of senior management roles are held by women globally, figure which has barely moved over the past decade. Moreover, just 9% of businesses have a female CEO. This short report explores why this issue matters, the current state of play and what is being done about it.